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Pets are allowed at Shanti Permaculture Farm except in the fenced-in garden areas.

Please MESSAGE AHEAD OF TIME if you are bringing a dog!

If your dog or cat sheds a lot, please have the courtesy of bringing your own blanket to protect our furniture. Please let us know if you need doggie bags to clean up after your dog. 


  • On leash: Cosmo the llama guards Elizabeth's sheep. If a dog chases his sheep, Cosmo gets upset. The worst case is that Cosmo will hurt your dog. If your dog is the type to chase sheep or fowl or does not obey your call to "come." then it needs to be on a leash at all times in the open range area for its own safety. Shanti will not be held responsible if your dog is hurt by Cosmo the sheep-guarding llama. The llama is doing his job just like a Great Pyrenees dog would attack a coyote to prevent harm to his flock.


  • Off leash: Dogs don't have to remain on leash if you are able to strictly control them by voice command (ie when you say "come", your dog comes) and they are able to sit quietly next to you while in close proximity to the llama, sheep and fowl. The livestock are afraid of new dogs, so you will not be able to feed them if your dog is in their feeding area. 


Please follow these rules for a relaxing time at Shanti.

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